We support all phases of antimicrobial drug development, from discovery through commercialization.

IHMA has unparalleled expertise in pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical, and microbiology. This highly robust skillset ensures successful pathways for drug development, clinical trial support, regulatory approval and commercialization.

Areas of Service

Drug Discovery

IHMA Offers Capabilities Needed to Effectively and Efficiently Support Drug Discovery and Early Development

The process of discovering new anti-infectives relies on the timely generation of relevant and informative data. IHMA has a full suite of technical capabilities, resources, and domain expertise that can be applied to support your discovery needs in a collaborative and flexible manner.

Clinical Development

We Provide a Broad and Robust Spectrum of Capabilities Critical to Successful Clinical Antimicrobial Development

Economic constraints, uncertain regulatory landscapes, and the continuous evolution of unique strategies for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases all pose significant challenges to the design and execution of a product’s clinical development. To help meet these challenges successfully, IHMA offers a full suite of technical capabilities and domain expertise that can be applied to your development needs in a collaborative and flexible manner.

Regulatory Submissions

Our Broad and Robust Spectrum Of Capabilities Are Focused on Optimizing the Likelihood of Regulatory Success

A successful regulatory outcome depends on many factors including scientifically and clinically sound data presented in a concise and coherent manner. From the microbiology perspective, we can help ensure that these goals are met by offering a full suite of technical capabilities and domain expertise to produce data content in a fully customized manner designed to meet your submission requirements.


We have Extensive Experience in Supporting the Successful Launch and Continued Clinical Use of a Wide Variety of Antimicrobial Entities

Successful commercialization of a new antimicrobial agent is as challenging as successful clinical development and regulatory approval. At the core of successful commercialization is the timing of educating the global clinical and scientific community about the new product’s attributes, and the ability of local clinical microbiology laboratories to test the product against the organisms they encounter in their clinical settings. IHMA offers a number of solutions uniquely suited to be used in a collaborative and successful manner to help support a successful commercialization plan.