There has never been a more exciting time to join IHMA

Help us support the discovery of new antimicrobials that matter. Joining IHMA is joining the future of medication that can make differences in people’s lives and wellbeing.

IHMA is one of the world’s most dynamic contract research organizations, specializing in the field of anti-infectives. We serve the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotech industries. IHMA depends on its talented professionals to provide exceptional customized products and services to clients engaged in the fight against infectious disease.

We are dedicated to providing an enriched and inspiring culture for all of our employees, who together help us best serve our clients’ needs. While our company has evolved in the 25 years since our founding, we remain driven by our commitment to science and technology and are focused on bringing out the best in people. We attract the most talented professionals in the field and empower them to do their best work to support our clients and the global community at large.

Current Openings

Director of IT Operations

The Director of IT Operations is responsible for leading and growing the IT group, which supports many of IHMA’s most critical functions. The department consists of Data Control, Technical Services, and Applications Support teams. As Director, you will oversee the day-to-day operations and ensure that service levels and timelines are being met.


Additionally, you will work directly with the Chief Information Officer to implement new technologies and processes that will have an immediate impact on IHMA’s studies, teams, and clients. As Director you will act as Business Analyst, interviewing business users, developing requirements, and completing necessary documentation. This position will liaise with external development vendors and system providers on IT related projects.

Assistant Project Manager

The Assistant Project Manager is responsible for performing clerical and administrative duties in an office setting. Assists all Project Managers by sorting mail, filing, preparing binders, printing, coordinating all aspects of the construction of binders, and restocking supplies. They will work with and support appropriate departments and groups to ensure each component of a study is completed to the client’s satisfaction.


Specific Duties:

1. Assist in filing duties.
2. Answer incoming phone calls as a second backup, and additionally during vacation/PTO of receptionist and primary backup.
3. Perform basic bookkeeping duties.
4. Help organize department activities.
5. Operate office machines, such as photocopiers, scanners, facsimile machines, voice mail systems and personal computers.
6. Identify and troubleshoot malfunctioning office equipment, such as photocopiers, scanners and facsimile machines.
7. Restock supplies in workroom and refill copy machines as required.
8. Responsible for mass mailings through use of mail-merge.
9. Preparing and constructing project binders.
10. Communication with sites on tracking of outgoing shipments with required information.
11. Perform data entry.
12. Other duties and tasks that may be assigned on an as-needed basis.

Background Requirements:

1. Satisfactory completion of high school education with certificates of completion.
2. Average computer skills are required.
3. Good written and verbal communication skills.
4. Must be very organized and able to work independently.
5. Must be able to work effectively with a team.